Gold Price Today in Oman in Omani Rial (OMR)

Last update: Friday 25th July 2014, 04:00 am according to the time zone of Greenwich (Friday 25th July 2014, 08:00 am according to the time zone of Muscat)
Gold and Silver prices are updated regularly.
Ounce 496.95  1,291.46 
Tola 186.36 484.30
Gm 24K 15.98 41.53
Gm 22K 14.65 38.06
Gm 21K 13.98 36.33
Gm 18K 11.98 31.13
Gm 14K 9.32 24.23
Gm 12K 7.99 20.76
Gm 10K 6.66 17.30

London Gold Fixing

Oz 500.24 503.32
Gm 16.08 16.18
Kgm 16,085 16,184

Gold Price Changes in Oman

Average gold price per ounce, kilogram and gram

Gold price change percentage

Historical Gold Prices in Oman

Gold Price in Oman in Previous Days in Omani Rial (OMR)

Silver Price Today in Oman in Omani Rial (OMR)

Ounce 7.86  20.42 
Gm 999 0.25 0.66
Gm 958 0.24 0.63
Gm 925 0.23 0.61
Gm 875 0.22 0.57
Gm 800 0.20 0.53
Gm 585 0.15 0.38

London Silver Fixing

Oz 8.02 20.84 8.01 20.81
Gm 0.26 0.67 0.26 0.67
Kgm 258 670 257 669

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Raj malandkar says:

Which website we can get the exact rate of 24 K of 10 tola gold, in OMAN ? Why i ask this question ?

The reason is on your website the rate seems to be as per given above is 2411.30 Omani Rials, whereas when i called on the Purshottam Kanji Gold and Lakhoos Gold, they told me the rate is 2430 Omani Rials…! so, which one to believe ???

Hope, you could clarify and clear the doubts. also hope, you provide the site address, where we can see the live rates of 24 K, gold in Oman.

Avi says:

Boss, have you thought of making / packaging charges plus govt. inspection fees & local (although little) business taxes. Of course exact details of that won’t be available, but the prices on webiste are always ABSOLUTE prices.

vahab says:

here you will find prsent market rate.

issa says:

$33,500 per kilo
if you are interested to make purchase of large quantity from me kindly contact me at :

srikantha prabhu says:

10 tola gold 24 carrot price please

srikantha prabhu says:


S.Amarnath says:

2 tola 22 crt gold prise in omr

shakil says:

daly report to gram gold 24 krat and 22 krat

subrata chowdhury says:

v.v good for me Gold and Silver Price knowe ervyday.

subrata chowdhury says:

i love gold…..

shakil says:

nead 1 tola gold 24 k how much price in omani rial plees all datail send me email thank

yasseen says:

one tola means 11.663 grams, 1 grame 15.800 x 11.663 = 184.275/=OMR

jawed A says:

Can u advise me please, gold rate will be increase or decrease, means in future gold rate will go high or still it is gong down, please advice me

rahmatulla says:

dear sir
2 bangles large seize 22 carate haow match parize with making charge thank u

Hassan says:

I need everyday gold Rate

muraleedharan says:

how can I get the exact gold price! Each shops giving different prices. pls advice

Ambrish jaiswal says:


pervez says:

1 tola 24 carrat price pls


daily plz give gold rate 22,24 carrat rates

M Abbas says:

Daliy Gold rate send me please

pervez says:

Every day send md detail gold rate

shan 1999 says:

Sent me this email dold rate 24k 22k thanks

Ibrahim says:

I want to be bring 22 carrot gold. But I don’t know from where get it.
Please somebody give your shop address.


10 tola 24 carrot price pleas

ayub says:

today how much gold rate

issa says:

$33,500 per kilo

reply if you are interested to come to Bamako mali for gold purchase

T.Sathish says:



daily report to gram gold 24 krat and 22 krat

vijayan says:

Dear sir, pls send me 22 ct gold price daily. Thanks

k s kumar says:

here we find exact market rate only. actual rate of 22ct gold ornaments varies because customer has to pay cost of wastage of gold while making+making charges[higher compared to other countries]+cost of stones and other addl fittings etc. together with the exact cost.

kamrul says:

pls give me 3 tola 22 k gold price. With making charge.pls

Gold Marketers says:

The Managing Director,

With warm heart I offer my friendship and greetings, First of all, I use this opportunity to introduce myself to you. I am MR KOFFI Marketing Manager of KADESH RESOURCES GHANA LTD a Ghana licensed small scale mining company, licensed under company code 1963 (Act 179) of Ghana . We confirm a corporate authority, legal responsibility and under penalty of perjury our ability to supply the said product.
(Alluvial Gold Dust and Bars).

We are currently undergoing an upliftment and expansion of our mining site, and in view of this, we have mapped out 350kgs (23 carat) of Gold Dust and Bars for sale overseas to enable us accomplish our set target. This will help us in purchasing good modern mining equipment. These equipments will help us to meet up with our mining activities.

In view of this we are inviting individuals and Companies who are interested in buying gold to come and inspect our mining site and also
advice us on the best modern mining equipment to buy.

I like to inform you that our terms are simply, our price per kg is very attractive and competitive to both our new and old customers that manufacture good and quality ornaments and Jewellery of different kind and sizes of gold wears and this has made us widely connected to both Europe and Asian countries and payment is 72 hours after final Assay.

Get back to me as soon as possible for Full Co-operate Offer (FCO).

Looking forward to doing business with you. If you have any questions,please fill free to contact me on this phone number:

Thanks as we anticipate your cooperation for good business relationship.



Sreejith says:

Please advice why there is a fare difference in 1 Kilogram 999 (24K, Pure Silver)in web site and actual market?

Today’s market rate showing 1 kg silver – OMR 272.4 where as I checked with Purshottam Kanji Gold and Lakhoos shops – prices varies like 314/ kg & 309/kg

Please advice is there any other place I can buy Silver in Muscat or tell me why this much difference with online trading ?


alim says:

pls give me 22k gold price rate wiyh including makeing charge

issa says:

$33,500 per kilo
22 carat plus
email me:

Aslam Hoda says:

Dear gent!!
i wnat know how much gram gold carring from oman. so please give me reply asas any one dear

raj says:

Dear sir,

please send me 22 ct gold price daily.

murugesanc says:


issa says:


1kilo 22 carat plus is $33,500 in Bamako Mali.
contact me at

abdulsalam says:

Dear sir, pls send me 22 ct gold price daily. Thanks

zakirullah says:

plz infrom me daily gold price thanks

manikandan says:

25 ounce gold price in oman rial

Sadat hossain says:

Plz give me price off 4 tola 22k nacless with making charges.

Sadat hossain says:

Gold price today in Bangladesh.BDT

venkey says:

Plz update daily rates

kore says:

you want pure gold in large quantity with an affordable price, contact me at or skype is raoul802

Jaffer says:

Any one want to sale old ornaments 22K.please in from me i will purches with good price.

md shaifullah says:

i need everyday gold price in oman


I need everyday gold Rat

Rakesh says:

I need 10 g chain and 24 carat.please send id omani rial


I need to buy 250 Grams contact me on gsm 92885059…

Abdul Tunubu says:

Dear Sir/Madam,

Could you please help me to sort a GOLD buyer who will be ready to buy my alluvial gold dust/bar?

Please see below the product specifications, as I am ready to offer you sales / representative commission percentage on every sales/supply made.

You will see my goods before you make any payment in Malaysia

QUALITY : 22 CARAT,Gold Bar:24 karats
PURITY : 93%+ bar 96%

Thanks, I await your quick response at: