Gold Price Today in Sri Lanka in Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)

Last update: Monday 28th July 2014, 08:12 am according to the time zone of Greenwich (Monday 28th July 2014, 01:42 pm according to the time zone of Colombo)
Gold and Silver prices are updated regularly.
Ounce 169,705.67  1,303.17 
Tola 63,639.63 488.69
Gm 24K 5,456.77 41.90
Gm 22K 5,001.64 38.41
Gm 21K 4,773.72 36.66
Gm 18K 4,091.27 31.42
Gm 14K 3,183.97 24.45
Gm 12K 2,728.39 20.95
Gm 10K 2,273.66 17.46

London Gold Fixing

Oz 168,315.81 170,334.30
Gm 5,412.08 5,476.99
Kgm 5,412,084 5,476,987

Gold Price Changes in Sri Lanka

Average gold price per ounce, kilogram and gram

Gold price change percentage

Historical Gold Prices in Sri Lanka

Gold Price in Sri Lanka in Previous Days in Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)

Silver Price Today in Sri Lanka in Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)

Ounce 2,684.13  20.61 
Gm 999 86.31 0.66
Gm 958 82.68 0.63
Gm 925 79.83 0.61
Gm 875 75.52 0.58
Gm 800 69.05 0.53
Gm 585 50.49 0.39

London Silver Fixing

Oz 2,664.40 20.46 2,709.98 20.81
Gm 85.67 0.66 87.14 0.67
Kgm 85,672 658 87,138 669

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