Gold Price Today in Kenya in Kenyan Shilling (KES)

Last update: Friday 31st October 2014, 04:04 am according to the time zone of Greenwich (Friday 31st October 2014, 07:04 am according to the time zone of Nairobi)
Gold and Silver prices are updated regularly.
Ounce 107,183.96  1,198.91 
Tola 40,193.98 449.59
Gm 24K 3,446.43 38.55
Gm 22K 3,158.97 35.33
Gm 21K 3,015.02 33.72
Gm 18K 2,583.99 28.90
Gm 14K 2,010.96 22.49
Gm 12K 1,723.21 19.28
Gm 10K 1,436.01 16.06

London Gold Fixing

Oz 107,795.86 107,460.60
Gm 3,466.10 3,455.32
Kgm 3,466,105 3,455,325

Gold Price Charts

Gold price chart for the previous 30 days in Kenyan Shilling (KES) per ounce.

Gold price chart for the previous 6 months in Kenyan Shilling (KES) per ounce.

Gold price chart for the previous year in Kenyan Shilling (KES) per ounce.

Gold price chart for the previous 5 years in Kenyan Shilling (KES) per ounce.

Gold Price Changes in Kenya

Average gold price per ounce, kilogram and gram

Gold price change percentage

Historical Gold Prices in Kenya

Gold Price in Kenya in Previous Days in Kenyan Shilling (KES)

Silver Price Today in Kenya in Kenyan Shilling (KES)

Ounce 1,465.25  16.39 
Gm 999 47.11 0.53
Gm 958 45.14 0.50
Gm 925 43.58 0.49
Gm 875 41.22 0.46
Gm 800 37.69 0.42
Gm 585 27.56 0.31

London Silver Fixing

Oz 1,500.16 16.78 1,537.71 17.20
Gm 48.24 0.54 49.44 0.55
Kgm 48,237 540 49,444 553

Silver Price Charts

Silver price chart for the previous 30 days in Kenyan Shilling (KES) per ounce.

Silver price chart for the previous 6 months in Kenyan Shilling (KES) per ounce.

Silver price chart for the previous year in Kenyan Shilling (KES) per ounce.

Silver price chart for the previous 5 years in Kenyan Shilling (KES) per ounce.

Silver Price Changes in Kenya

Average silver price per ounce, kilogram and gram

Silver price change percentage

Historical Silver Prices in Kenya

Silver Price in Kenya in Previous Days in Kenyan Shilling (KES)

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238 comments on “Gold Price Today in Kenya in Kenyan Shilling
  1. chandraprakash Gupta says:

    I need 10gm gold. And 250gm silver.Can i get best price?

  2. PETER ONYANGO says:

    Gold is available in low price and I hope you can get as much as you want.

  3. Ronak Barot says:

    Please give me suggestion ..
    I wants to purchase gold but one confusion that i m purchase here or an india …

  4. says:

    i need an urgent market for gold and and diamond, 42 kg

  5. Haron says:

    Where can i sell gold

  6. T111 says:

    Kindly advice me on where i can get a supplier in Kenya whom i can purchase silver based on the current market prices shown in the list above.
    Your swift response will be highly appreciated.

  7. Billy says:

    Hello, there
    I am in DR-Congo, and i have 2Kg of Gold, can you find a buyer for me? you can contact me through

  8. Bhavna says:

    I need to know the price for 10gm of stamped 24K (3 pcs- nuggets) please give best price

  9. george edwin says:

    can supply you 150g gold (24 karat) monthly and silver 200g monthly.

  10. Ijaz says:

    Dear pls send me spicial shop to sel my gold scrab in kenya tel mobile and emails thanks best regards

  11. virginiah says:

    How do l purchase from you gold 1kg?
    I need urgently.

  12. Gakuya says:

    Have 400grams gold.Want to buy it?

  13. Gakuya says:

    How much do i get for 400 grams of gold?

  14. Christopher Mureithi says:

    I can link serious buyers to buying 50kg of gold contact me via email urgently only if you are serious and genuine

  15. Wesley says:

    any amount of gold on sale email…serious buyers only

  16. baibeaisha says:

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  18. Baron says:

    anyone interested in gold;gemstones like sapphires blue:red or any other type of gemstones u might nid.if interested plz email me wit ua prize

  19. john says:

    i have kg100 of gold trading at $37/gm, located in tanzania. contact me ifyou r interesred.

  20. reuben nabrin says:

    pls i need best price of gold and game stones in kenya, place or contact person. thanks

  21. vincent says:

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  22. mohamed says:

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  23. florence says:

    looking for buy for pure silver earings and necklace 0723702211

  24. florence says:

    looking for buyer for pure silver earings and necklace 0723702211

  25. isaac says:

    av got a 100g of silver. imwai92@yahoo.comh

  26. John says:

    Hi there,
    I have 500gm of Pure Gold.
    Only serious buyers in Nairobi please.
    contact me on with your rates please.

  27. vincent marigi says:

    I buy gold, contact 0722160224

  28. john says:

    i need somebody who can supply kg500 and kg200 per month. contact

    • Dear John,

      We received your offer requist and want to let you know that we are capable of supply kg500 and kg200 per month. Plz send your details and get back asap through the email


    • john onyango says:

      helloo Mr. John i have just seen you post and i wanted to confirm to you that we are capable to supply whatever amount of gold you want so long as you are serious with this business you can get intouch with me through this email Thanks

  29. VICTOR says:

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  30. Francis says:

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  32. Marwa says:

    PURE GOLD AT GEITA,1kg interested buyer cn contact me thru 0727575600

  33. hakeem says:

    I have 100g fine pure 24carat gold anyone interested please give me an offer have certificate and company sealed suisse. contact me with offer on
    serious buyer’s please lets not waste eachothers time

  34. Patrick says:

    I buy all old gold jewels as well make them @ the best rates in the market e.g chains, rings, bracelets, bangles,neck-less

  35. Steven says:

    i need support to buy gold. once u need it look me up on +250 788 894 901. Am in rwanda

  36. iffi says:

    i have gold to sell..
    only interested ppl contact…

  37. Alex says:

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  39. Hillary kipkemoi says:

    I have not see pure gold who have some. I am willing to do that business

  40. Bryan says:

    My name is Bryan and I have gold to sell but if you are interested to set up a gold business with me then, contact me at ( I can send you samples of gold once,I know you are a serious buyer and I am looking for brokers to work with me.

  41. june says:

    am interested in buying gold and silver at the best rate.Any seller please contact me through my mail so that we can continue with the next arrangements.

  42. june says:

    would like to buy gold and silver at the best price…please sellers contact

  43. James Nyariki says:

    Selling Gold, 1000grams. 24 carats, contact me: 0725489086

  44. Seth Otieno says:

    I have unrated gold that needs test before sale Nairobi contact

  45. Sir John says:

    We buy pure Gold of any quantities at the best rate in the Market.We are looking for sellers who are ready to sell us Gold on a long term basis.
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  46. Benjamin says:

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  48. Tungo says:

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  49. mwatulo says:

    hallo ,
    i have gold for sale in nairobi anyone interested can reply so that we may proceed.
    specifications: 22 carats,
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  50. Dominic says:

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    i want buy cheap gold if some one have send me E mail or call to my number 004581192386

  54. fadric says:


    We come by this announcement to offer to you this business
    opportunity concerning the availability of a large amount of material
    to the (Golden).Indeed my father-in-law being the representative of a
    group of Stampeders in the West African subregion and holds currently
    in Cotonou in Republic of Benin under high security this valuable
    material which we invite you to purchase.
    Please contact us for more details if you are interested:

  55. FRED says:

    Av got consistent suppy of 10g of gold weekly. 2 whom can i sell. am in kisii, kenya. if interested kol 0711492643

  56. FRED says:

    I have pure gold and I can supply you with atleast 20gm per week. Am in Kisii, Kenya. Call +254711492643

  57. steve says:

    Am steve,currently living in nairobi,am looking for a seriuos silver buyer @ an honest fair price.Incese interested contact me urgently please.

  58. steve says:

    urgently looking for a seriuos, silver buyer @ an honest fair price.If interested please confirm now

  59. Malcom says:

    Hi,am a gold trader here in Kenya…Currently am looking for gold sellers here in Kenya who can supply 100kg- 200kg every week or fortnight. Serious sellers Contact me on

  60. sylla mohamed says:

    Hello Sir
    We, a group of local artisan miners from Guinea are glad to make an offer
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    We source for genuine principal buyers for trade enquiries and possibility
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    We welcome enquiries for further deliberations.

    Could you kindly connect with me on my skype…syllamed2012
    Mr sylla mohamed

  61. bhurtun says:

    i need 10 kgs of nuggets of gold 24 carats urg pls find suppliers for me

  62. andrew says:

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  65. Goldest Fortune says:

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  66. prosper says:

    hi am selling gold from congo 90grams at 50usd per gram only serious buyers contact +254720033158 or +254734882214 you can also email at
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  67. hesborn says:

    we have gold in partnership plz e mail us, 3000 per gram.

  68. Serge Danson says:

    I need a serious gold seller please contact me on .

    Any quantity you have will be bought immediately,
    I need a seller who will keep supplying monthly as well.

    Serge Danson

  69. otteran Varsity says:

    I want a genuine buyer of GOLD as soon as possible. call +256704220377.
    Call me for details.
    Only serious buyers ready to buy as much as 100kgs should call.
    Thank you

  70. Goldest fortune says:

    looking for regular gold buyers from Nairobi and Mombasa ,I will appreciate responses from serious buyers only. email me your offers on:-

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  71. Avosa Luva says:

    Am looking to buy second hand diamond rings for resell, gemstones e.t.c will bid at highest price and buy upfront for delivery via pay pal after confirmation of product: email: phone:0202020331 send photo first. All dealings will take a day,
    contact me, then we meet, I evaluate your item, bid at best price, agreement is reached, pay you via pay pal immediately or when you are ready.

  72. andrew says:

    interested in buying gold if you are in nairobi,any amount contact me through 0715071223 or email looking forward to work with you

  73. hein says:

    5 kilos pure gold of 22.5karat and 96.7 purity from kongo. Only seriuos buyers needed.

  74. Bico says:

    i have 500grams of pure gold 22karats….intrested buyers 0724555539

  75. Elegant says:

    I have gold and am looking for gold buyers contact me :

  76. Walter says:

    I have 20grms of gold weekly .Anyone interested?

  77. lawrence mwathi rufus says:

    Hi, I have 7.8 grms of silver . can any body there buy them.

  78. Elegant says:

    Hi all, am looking for gold buyers please contact me

  79. Elegant says:

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  80. bakayoko ouattara says:

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  81. Richard says:

    I Have Gold From Kilima Pesa(kenya).Selling At U.S Dollar 45 Per Gram.50gms Are Ready Now,i Can Supply That Much Per Week.NB:sirious Buyers Only Cll 0703566310.

  82. Elegant says:

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  83. Elegant says:

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  84. joseph says:

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  85. elie swedy says:

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  86. Macharia says:

    I have3 kgs of silver in nairobi, any offers? call 0725 591984

  87. I have gold available between 20.5 to 22 carats, in kisii kenya. price is between 3100 to 3300 ksh per gram, call 0725489086 only buyers in kisii will be accepted.

  88. benn says:

    Contact me via my email,or my number…. i am looking currently for a partner to whom i will supply gold! price kshs.4,500 per gram OR CALL THROUGH 0714491766 or

  89. Newton says:

    i have 4kg of gold ….26 karat. selling it at a very cheap price 38000 u.s dollars per k.g. if intrested call me on 0705739569. dont let this chance pass you of getting a precious thing with a cheap price.

  90. Bell says:

    Am Bell,
    I have 100gms of alluvial gold,from south Africa valued at a very low 3000/=per gram.
    Interested buyers may reach me via email
    In Nairobi

  91. Hiram says:

    i Need gold suppliers. In Nairobi. Any ammount. serious only.

  92. paul kung'u says:

    if you are in need of business of gold in nairobi call me on +254720738469

  93. Wes says:

    Anyone in kitale or eldoret, I can buy your gold. Call me 0707029474

  94. OLIVER says:

    Looking for an investor for raw gold.Serious people ONLY.

  95. Augustine says:

    Good day

    We am coordinating to secured and open business relationship with potential
    buyers of our product, Gold dust/bar and uncut Diamonds

    We have 185 kilos of Gold dust/bars and 4678 carat of Diamonds in stock in
    our communal warehouse now,and capacity for additional supplies, and we can
    easily guarantee an increased supply with time. We offer an asking price of
    35,600 USD per Kg for our 22 carat, 94 percent gold.
    Kindly advice and give me counsel on the possible steps to make this a
    reality and success.
    Looking forward to your positive response
    Warm Regards
    Kourouma Augustine
    Tell: 00220 28584163

  96. Malcom says:

    Am looking for serious gold sellers :-
    – Mode of payment: Spot cash.
    – Place of testing: Nairobi CBD.
    – Transaction time: 5mins per kg.
    – Quantity: Can handle upto 100kgs in a single cash transaction

    Email me :

  97. caroline wanjiku says:

    I want Gold earings and in large quantity.the earings should come from a manufacturer

  98. SAMMY BICO says:

    I have 1kg of gold ….24 karats. selling it at a very fair price Ksh.4,500 per gram. if intrested call me on 0724 555 539.Am based in Nairobi….

  99. Chalo says:

    I have 1000 gmms of Gold, need only serious buyers.Please first quote your the price you are willing to buy per gram. I Nairobi, kenya

  100. Nicolas Manbam says:

    Dear Sir,

    We are Direct Seller of Rough Diamond stones and Gold dust and bar and we can supply you as many as you and your buyer can buy from us. We shall be waiting to hear from you, so we can send our FCO i want you to understand that it is very important the buyer and is gemologist have to come to Ghana in our office to see the diamond stones, the important of it is that our buyer should see the diamond and be happy, Please send me the buyer passport copy so that i can do his visa upon arrival from here, also tell me when he will like to fly. We are willing and waiting to hear from you, and let the buyer see the diamond for himself,

    Best Regards
    Nicolas Manbam

  101. martin says:

    My name is martin and i have a direct access to gold buyers and sellers.kindly call me on based in nairobi.if you have any amount of gold to sell or have buyers willing to sell,let me know.looking for genuine partners as well.txt or whatsapp.looking forward to doing business with you.

    Best regards.

  102. Rajesh Devlekar says:

    Sorry the correct email id is

  103. Seleh Julius says:

    Am Seleh Julius from the United republic of Tanzania -Zanzibar.My company name is called retn group we have small holder miners at geita who can supply gold at any needed range.I kindly invite anyone interested to communicate with me via my email and come to Tanzania for a business discussion you are,tel +255755768260,adress 4779-zanzibar Tanzania.

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