Gold Price Today in Papua New Guinea in Papua New Guinea Kina (PGK)

Last update: Thursday 31st July 2014, 11:12 am according to the time zone of Greenwich (Thursday 31st July 2014, 09:12 pm according to the time zone of Port Moresby)
Gold and Silver prices are updated regularly.
Ounce 3,270.52  1,295.13 
Tola 1,226.44 485.67
Gm 24K 105.16 41.64
Gm 22K 96.39 38.17
Gm 21K 92.00 36.43
Gm 18K 78.85 31.22
Gm 14K 61.36 24.30
Gm 12K 52.58 20.82
Gm 10K 43.82 17.35

London Gold Fixing

Oz 3,276.51 3,268.94
Gm 105.35 105.11
Kgm 105,354 105,110

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Silver Price Today in Papua New Guinea in Papua New Guinea Kina (PGK)

Ounce 52.22  20.68 
Gm 999 1.68 0.66
Gm 958 1.61 0.64
Gm 925 1.55 0.62
Gm 875 1.47 0.58
Gm 800 1.34 0.53
Gm 585 0.98 0.39

London Silver Fixing

Oz 51.87 20.54 52.12 20.64
Gm 1.67 0.66 1.68 0.66
Kgm 1,668 660 1,676 664

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Kelly says:

How soon do you see gold prices for 21 carats going back to the K90 range?

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