Gold Price Today in Hong Kong in Hong Kong Dollar (HKD)

Last update: Tuesday 22nd July 2014, 04:00 pm according to the time zone of Greenwich (Wednesday 23rd July 2014, 12:00 am according to the time zone of Hong Kong)
Gold and Silver prices are updated regularly.
Ounce 10,136.14  1,307.66 
Tola 3,801.05 490.37
Gm 24K 325.92 42.05
Gm 22K 298.74 38.54
Gm 21K 285.12 36.78
Gm 18K 244.36 31.53
Gm 14K 190.17 24.53
Gm 12K 162.96 21.02
Gm 10K 135.80 17.52

London Gold Fixing

Oz 10,131.03 10,165.91
Gm 325.76 326.88
Kgm 325,757 326,878

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Silver Price Today in Hong Kong in Hong Kong Dollar (HKD)

Ounce 162.69  20.99 
Gm 999 5.23 0.67
Gm 958 5.01 0.65
Gm 925 4.84 0.62
Gm 875 4.58 0.59
Gm 800 4.18 0.54
Gm 585 3.06 0.39

London Silver Fixing

Oz 162.24 20.93 162.31 20.94
Gm 5.22 0.67 5.22 0.67
Kgm 5,217 673 5,219 673

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