Gold and Silver Price in Philippines in Philippine Peso (PHP)

Gold Price Today in Philippines in Philippine Peso (PHP)

Last update: Sunday 14th September 2014, 11:12 pm according to the time zone of Greenwich (Monday 15th September 2014, 07:12 am according to the time zone of Manila)
Gold and Silver prices are updated regularly.

The following tables shows the latest gold price in Philippines calculated in Philippine Peso (PHP) and updated regularly. The prices are sometimes updated more frequently at times of strong price moves based on live spot gold price (Bid Price). The last update was on Sunday 14th September 2014, 11:12 pm (GMT) or Monday 15th September 2014, 07:12 am according to the local time of Manila.

Gold prices are calculated both per ounce, gram, kilogram and tola and for the most common karats.

Gold Unit Gold Price in Philippine Peso (PHP) Gold Price in U.S. Dollar (USD)
Gold Ounce 53,974.24  1,228.36 
Gold Gram Carat 24 1,735.51 39.50
Gold Gram Carat 22 1,590.75 36.20
Gold Gram Carat 21 1,518.26 34.55
Gold Gram Carat 18 1,301.21 29.61
Gold Gram Carat 14 1,012.65 23.05
Gold Gram Carat 12 867.75 19.75
Gold Gram Carat 10 723.13 16.46
Ounce Carat Gold Price Per Ounce in Philippine Peso (PHP) Gold Price Per Ounce in U.S. Dollar (USD)
1 Ounce 24K 53,974.24  1,228.36 
1 Ounce 22K 49,476.39 1,126.00
1 Ounce 21K 47,227.46 1,074.82
1 Ounce 18K 40,480.68 921.27
1 Ounce 14K 31,484.97 716.54
1 Ounce 12K 26,987.12 614.18
1 Ounce 10K 22,489.27 511.82
Gram Carat Gold Price Per Gram in Philippine Peso (PHP) Gold Price Per Gram in U.S. Dollar (USD)
1 Gram 24K 1,735.51  39.50 
1 Gram 22K 1,590.75 36.20
1 Gram 21K 1,518.26 34.55
1 Gram 18K 1,301.21 29.61
1 Gram 14K 1,012.65 23.05
1 Gram 12K 867.75 19.75
1 Gram 10K 723.13 16.46
Kilogram Carat Gold Price Per Kilogram in Philippine Peso (PHP) Gold Price Per Kilogram in U.S. Dollar (USD)
1 Kilogram 24K 1,735,506.18  39,497.18 
1 Kilogram 22K 1,590,752.79 36,202.84
1 Kilogram 21K 1,518,262.79 34,553.09
1 Kilogram 18K 1,301,211.24 29,613.37
1 Kilogram 14K 1,012,649.95 23,046.20
1 Kilogram 12K 867,753.09 19,748.59
1 Kilogram 10K 723,127.58 16,457.16
Tola Karat Gold Price Per Tola in Philippine Peso (PHP) Gold Price Per Tola in U.S. Dollar (USD)
1 Tola 24K 20,240.34  460.64 
1 Tola 22K 18,553.65 422.25
1 Tola 21K 17,710.30 403.06
1 Tola 18K 15,180.26 345.48
1 Tola 14K 11,806.87 268.70
1 Tola 12K 10,120.17 230.32
1 Tola 10K 8,433.48 191.93
* 24K= Gold Karat 24, 22K= Gold Karat 22, 21K= Gold Karat 21, 18K= Gold Karat 18, 14K= Gold Karat 14, 12K= Gold Karat 12, 10K= Gold Karat 10

London Gold Fixing

London Gold Fixing is a method to determine gold price twice a day on the london market by five members of The London Gold Market Fixing Ltd. London gold fixing price is used as a benchmark for gold price allover the world. It is conducted in three currencies; United States Dollar (USD), Pound steling (GBP) and the Euro (EUR). In the following table, in addition to United States Dollar, London Gold Fixing price is also calculated in Philippine Peso (PHP) per ounce, gram and kilogram.

Gold Unit AM FIX
Philippine Peso U.S. Dollar Philippine Peso U.S. Dollar
Ounce 54,364.77 1,237.25 54,112.11 1,231.50
Gram 1,748.06 39.78 1,739.94 39.60
Kilogram 1,748,063 39,783 1,739,939 39,598

Gold Price Charts

Gold price chart for the previous 30 days in Philippine Peso (PHP) per ounce.

Gold price chart for the previous 6 months in Philippine Peso (PHP) per ounce.

Gold price chart for the previous year in Philippine Peso (PHP) per ounce.

Gold price chart for the previous 5 years in Philippine Peso (PHP) per ounce.

Gold Price Changes in Philippines

Average gold price per ounce, kilogram and gram

Gold price change percentage

Historical Gold Prices in Philippines

Gold Price in Philippines in Previous Days in Philippine Peso (PHP)

Silver Price Today in Philippines in Philippine Peso (PHP)

The following tables shows the latest silver price in Philippines calculated in Philippine Peso (PHP) and updated regularly based on live spot silver price (Bid Price). The last update was on Sunday 14th September 2014, 11:12 pm (GMT) or Monday 15th September 2014, 07:12 am according to the local time of Manila.

Silver prices are calculated both per ounce, gram, kilogram and tola and for the most common karats.

Silver Unit Silver Price in Philippine Peso (PHP) Silver Price in U.S. Dollar (USD)
Silver Ounce 816.93  18.59 
Silver Gram 999 (Carat 24, Pure Silver) 26.27 0.60
Silver Gram 958 (Britannian Silver) 25.16 0.57
Silver Gram 925 (Sterling Silver) 24.30 0.55
Silver Gram 875 (Carat 21, Saudi Arabia Standard) 22.98 0.52
Silver Gram 800 (Carat 19.2, Portugal Standard) 21.01 0.48
Silver Gram 585 (14K, US Standard) 15.37 0.35
Silver Unit Silver Price in Philippine Peso (PHP) Silver Price in U.S. Dollar (USD)
1 Ounce 999 (24K, Pure Silver) 816.93  18.59 
1 Ounce 958 (Britannian Silver) 782.62 17.81
1 Ounce 925 (Sterling Silver) 755.66 17.20
1 Ounce 916 (22K) 748.31 17.03
1 Ounce 875 (21K, Saudi Arabia Standard) 714.81 16.27
1 Ounce 800 (19.2K, Portugal Standard) 653.54 14.87
1 Ounce 750 (18K) 612.70 13.94
1 Ounce 585 (14K, U.S. Standard) 477.90 10.88
Silver Unit Silver Price in Philippine Peso (PHP) Silver Price in U.S. Dollar (USD)
1 Gram 999 (24K, Pure Silver) 26.27  0.60 
1 Gram 958 (Britannian Silver) 25.16 0.57
1 Gram 925 (Sterling Silver) 24.30 0.55
1 Gram 916 (22K) 24.06 0.55
1 Gram 875 (21K, Saudi Arabia Standard) 22.98 0.52
1 Gram 800 (19.2K, Portugal Standard) 21.01 0.48
1 Gram 750 (18K) 19.70 0.45
1 Gram 585 (14K, U.S. Standard) 15.37 0.35
Silver Unit Silver Price in Philippine Peso (PHP) Silver Price in U.S. Dollar (USD)
1 Kilogram 999 (24K, Pure Silver) 26,267.77  597.81 
1 Kilogram 958 (Britannian Silver) 25,164.52 572.70
1 Kilogram 925 (Sterling Silver) 24,297.68 552.97
1 Kilogram 916 (22K) 24,061.27 547.59
1 Kilogram 875 (21K, Saudi Arabia Standard) 22,984.30 523.08
1 Kilogram 800 (19.2K, Portugal Standard) 21,014.21 478.25
1 Kilogram 750 (18K) 19,700.82 448.36
1 Kilogram 585 (14K, U.S. Standard) 15,366.64 349.72
Silver Unit Silver Price in Philippine Peso (PHP) Silver Price in U.S. Dollar (USD)
1 Tola 999 (24K, Pure Silver) 306.35  6.97 
1 Tola 958 (Britannian Silver) 293.48 6.68
1 Tola 925 (Sterling Silver) 283.37 6.45
1 Tola 916 (22K) 280.61 6.39
1 Tola 875 (21K, Saudi Arabia Standard) 268.05 6.10
1 Tola 800 (19.2K, Portugal Standard) 245.08 5.58
1 Tola 750 (18K) 229.76 5.23
1 Tola 585 (14K, U.S. Standard) 179.21 4.08
* 24K= Silver Karat 24, 22K= Silver Karat 22, 21K= Silver Karat 21, 18K= Silver Karat 18

London Silver Fixing

London Silver Fixing is a method to determine silver price twice a day on the london market by five members of The London Gold Market Fixing Ltd. London silver fixing price is used as a benchmark for silver price allover the world. It is conducted in three currencies; United States Dollar (USD), Pound steling (GBP) and the Euro (EUR). In the following table, in addition to United States Dollar, London Silver Fixing price is also calculated in Philippine Peso (PHP) per ounce, gram and kilogram.

Silver Unit AM FIX
Philippine Peso U.S. Dollar Philippine Peso U.S. Dollar
Ounce 819.04 18.64 821.68 18.70
Gram 26.34 0.60 26.42 0.60
Kilogram 26,336 599 26,421 601

Silver Price Charts

Silver price chart for the previous 30 days in Philippine Peso (PHP) per ounce.

Silver price chart for the previous 6 months in Philippine Peso (PHP) per ounce.

Silver price chart for the previous year in Philippine Peso (PHP) per ounce.

Silver price chart for the previous 5 years in Philippine Peso (PHP) per ounce.

Silver Price Changes in Philippines

Average silver price per ounce, kilogram and gram

Silver price change percentage

Historical Silver Prices in Philippines

Silver Price in Philippines in Previous Days in Philippine Peso (PHP)

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    • Dante says:

      Is it true that when I buy gold from the black market in Davao, (those without documents), that they should be cheaper by 12% or equivalent to the VAT? Are gold pieces (250grams) certified like diamonds which usually carry a certifiacate? Or we can buy and sell gold at published prices even without certificates? thanks for your help guys

      • Sam says:

        you can buy gold without certificate. Here in Mindanao people with available money purchase gold and sell them when the prices go up.

    • ricky says:

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  6. natemace says:

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    Natemace please get a better understanding of the gold mining industry, yes you can buy gold at that price, yes you will have to sell it to a better place than the ones you mentioned, NEVER sell your gold to a place that has a cardboard sign or any hand made sign that says “WE BUY GOLD” you will surely get scammed. take the time to safely deliver your gold to the proper federally mandated gold reserve station, you will get more pesos per gram and you can guarantee they are buying at the current prices you will find online. The central bank of the Philippines does not control the price of gold, Gold is an international commodity that is controlled by a much larger organization, However they do need to record any and all transactions, the more gold you have in your country the stronger your money is in the international market. And if you look very closely you will see gold is worth more in the Philippines than in the united states right now. so if you really want to make money buy gold in america and sell it to the Philippines :) that seems to be where the real profit is. You can easily attain gold here if you know the right people here in the Philippines.

    • JIM TRENT says:

      Yes, buy gold and silver in the US and sell it here but, how do you import it with it being on the customs restricted list and if you could get it in, how much would the customs charge? Maybe there goes any profit from buying in the US.

    • altadim 17 says:

      Gold Miner, it seems you are the most knowledgeable among those who made their post. Thus, making you very credible. I wish I have golds to sell. Anyway, I thought trading of golds is done at the Central Bank? Thank you.

    • altadim 17 says:

      Gold Miner I wish you can comment on my post. Thank you!

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  12. R&R GON. says:

    GOLDSMITH? Is that here in davao?

  13. Iamreallycurious says:

    @Gold Miner: can you name those “federally mandated gold reserve stations”? and where can we find them?

  14. goldsmith says:

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    Good evening, I am looking for a buyer of my golds weighing more or less 5 kilograms and 200g silver bar from Visayas Islands Philippines. please email me at asap. I’m planning to sell some to bulacan goldsmiths. but if you have a higher bid, i might sell it to you. thanks

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  32. Dirk says:

    Hi to everyone
    Just aquick question. I am from Australia and moving to the Philippines next year. I have approximately 750 ounces of silver in both bars and coins. does anyone know what the customs duty and VAT is and a good reputable bullion dealer to sell to


  33. shin says:

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    Dear Madam and Mr,

    We are looking for partner in building a local mining company or serious cash buyers of AU Gold and rough and uncut Diamond, my father and others are local sellers and miners of Gold and Diamond here in Guinea, they want to get money to help our families as you know here in Africa we have many people in our families, they are counting on some people who went to school to help them but these people just want to steal their products even the government promised to help our community but since my father gave them produts they’ve been just telling story every day, every time. This is the reason why our community decided to contact the good people.

    Due to the way they are mining their products many people are trying to teach them because they don’t know the world market even some mandates and buyers rep have come and carried their products on credits and they have never come back to pay their money. Right now i want to get them serious people who can help them to sell their products following the market. At the moment they have GOLD DUST / BARS and ROUGH/UNCUT DIAMOND in large quantities for sale at cheap price.

    They need people like you, people over there to help them develop their goal, so that they can help our community, because people sicks and dies because no money. They have the products but they are very poor here because of the way the government and some people are treating them, they want serious buyers to be their eyes and mouths, they are ready to give you goods if you are serious and ready to open a local mining company with them to work together and help them and you in mutual benefit or help them buy their products so that they can at least buy mining equipments such as, bulldozers, tractors, excavators, wheel loaders, backhoe loaders, motor graders, dump trucks, crushing equipment, and etc as we need to enhance our mining productivity. We will give you good price far below the word market price.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Thank you,
    Mr Mamady Konaté
    Community representative

    Siguiri Gold and diamond local
    mining community company,
    BP:3005, Siguiri,
    Republue de Guinea
    Tel: +224657629251

  65. belmond says:

    We are looking for Gold and Diamond Buyers, We are Real Sellers of this Products, ready and willing to meet Buyer.
    If you are able to purchase 7MT of Gold Bars from West Africa region.
    Should in case you have buyer or do Buy yourself, Please do not hesitate to write us as we Hope to do business with you.
    belmondchristian12 at

  66. jhay says:

    im selling my 14k gold 6.6grams. please txt offers. cainta area. 09321113173.

  67. Japs says:

    I need 1kilo siver .999 pls email me and sen your price

  68. neri says:

    I have gold dust put in a film plastic bottle. contact me at 09154780676

  69. Mitch says:

    I am selling my 22k gold 7.914g.. any buyers? Pls contact me at 09165501013. Thanks.

  70. undo lusay says:

    have 20kls of silver in bars. need buyer at respected price..

  71. cardo says:

    anybody interested in buying gold, contact me 09984554204. pls text first. im from the north.

  72. emy says:

    i have my friend want to sale his gold bar 22k.were here in northern mindanao,where we can sale this?help me

  73. jayson says:

    hello iam selling my 5kilo of silver on hand just message me if u are interested 09174771288

  74. Mark Donald says:

    Dear Sir/Ma,

    Alluvia gold available for sales,we represent small scale miners in West Africa,
    Origin:Burkina Faso.
    Purity :96.99
    Price:$33,000 per KG.

    Interested buyers are allowed to buy the quantity of there choice,good
    presently in storage in Republic Du Benin.

    Best Regards,
    Mark Donald.
    Cell Phone: +22967340231

  75. james villaroman says:

    i have gold ring frog design. i want it to sell but i dont know the real price. below the details

    14.56 grams
    10.5 size
    with five stone small 1 is missing.

    pls. help.

  76. Rod Soul says:

    I’m now selling my 22k gold jewelries at Goldrate24 price. around 60gms elegant jewelries. just pm me

  77. dexter says:

    i have 500 grams black bar… gusto ku lang malaman kung anu ito,, nahukay namin ito malapit sa riles na tren..may tatak syang blade sa taas.. sakto syang 500 grams sabi ng iba WW2 pa daw to,, well me kasama syang elise..nbenta na namin to… madame nag tatanung samin kung nbenta na daw., sabi nila silver , and the others gold daw, carbon. boron..please help ,, humahawa sya sa kamay pag hawak mu, me naiiwang bakas na black, mejo malambot din sya.. sabi nila sobrang rare daw nito.. kaya pls help kontak me 09204290564… tnx

  78. zhia says:

    I’m rush selling my 24karat, 30 grams jewelry. U may send ur best offer at 0917-2739883. Location: Quezon City Thank you.

  79. kenneth trooper says:

    Are you looking for au gold dust and bars from any where?
    you are now at the right place contact or for any quantity of god you want from 100kilo to 5thousand kilo we can send it to you any where in the world once you sign our purchase agreement. or call me on 00233236156091.
    don,t miss this time.

  80. kenneth trooper says:

    do you need crude oil from nnpc nigeria from 2million barrels above?

    do you want to buy gold dust and bars origin ghana 22karat 96purity

    from 100kilo 5thousand kilos now contact kenneth trooper at email address

    kenneth or or call

    00233236156091 ghana accra.

  81. gardel says:

    sir/madam i have a 10 kilo gold mining and 5 kilo of silver. mababa kasi ang presyo dto sa amin?., thx.

  82. mike says:

    I am looking to buy any 1 oz .999 fine silver coins at spot price. such as american silver eagles, canadian maple leaf, britannias, mexican libertads etc. or any 1 gram to 5 gram gold bars like pamp suisse, credit suisse, istanbul gold.

    contact me at 09218080447

  83. Disgrace says:

    buying saudi gold cheap 18k necklace for men….text me price

    09237371034 . cebu area

  84. Fel says:

    I had silver and I’m looking for a buyer.

  85. Jacob S. Koroma says:

    Alluvial Gold dust and bars for sale at our local bush prices here in Sierra Leone.
    Interested person or buyers can contact me on +232 76 636 192, call or whatsapp me for more information. You can also email me at
    Brokers are also welcome as percentage on commission will be offer. Thanks
    Mr Jacob S. Koroma

  86. dexter says:

    Mahogany trees buyers,8000 trees in 3 hectares,15 yearS old and above,contact me.for direct buyers only.09204290564

  87. dexter says:

    For Sale: 8000 trees of Mahogany in 3 Hectares land, located at Quezon Province,15 and above year old..If you are interested contact me: 09204290564..godbless.

  88. Ali conte says:

    Good Day Sir
    We are direct seller of gold dust and bars, rough and uncut diamonds,
    scrap metals and scrap coppers, used rail, scrap battery,hms1/2
    ,Aluminum and stainless steel we sale 15%below international market
    rate,,we are mandate for crude oil also if you are interested you
    should kindly contact us for more details,
    Therefore I will like to hear from you which will enable me to explain
    better to you. our company is in Guinea Conkry West Africa.
    + 224655305922/00224662194527

    MR,Ali Conte

  89. WEST says:

    to sir jorge
    we have a small scale mining AT mountain province at kalinga. we need a financer or buyer per grams of AU
    we have a complete assay result 100% real genuine AU.anyone who are interested pls contact me

  90. LITO says:

    we have a small scale mining AT mountain province at kalinga. we need a financer or buyer per grams of AU
    we have a complete assay result 100% real genuine AU.anyone who are interested pls contact me

  91. nhel says:

    I have 2kilo of silver refine im not sure about its purity i think its 90 above here my number 09204329815

  92. Ronie says:

    Hello sa Lahat,

    We are currently looking for serious gold buyers. Below are the basic details of our product.

    COMMODITY: Aurum Utalium (AU)
    PURITY: 92.5+%
    FINENESS: 22+ carats
    ASSAY: Final assay made by Buyer`s registered Refinery and third
    Party assay
    ORIGIN: Ghana
    PRICE: 32,000 USD per KG.( Fixed Price Only)

    For those who are interested you can contact us immediately so that we can discuss further about the business.

    Skype: rbarcoma
    CellPhone Number: 09273843561

    Need serious buyer only. Thanks

  93. Dong says:

    Hi I’m a newbie investor – buying small quantities of silver in bullion -1/4,1/2 1 Troy oz denomination, or gold 1-5 grms – for cebupacificair area only-txt 09178887026

  94. grace says:

    Hi! I am selling my 1 ounce SUISSE 999.9 fine Gold SWISS made. contact me if interested. 09154603131

  95. Cristopher says:

    For inquiries regarding supply of platinum and palladium please contact 09474692607

  96. ferdinand ariza says:

    I have japanesse/philippines paper bills way back WWII contact me if you are interested.

  97. brian barredo says:

    Good day sir/mam,

    We have 10pcs gold bars for sale in low price, 22.3karat 6.2kg each we need buyers asap pls txt or call me @0917-2705358 if youre interested to buy it we can discuss the price and transaction terms.

  98. kenfem says:

    sir mama.

    I am pleased to inform all of 500kilos of au gold dust 500kilo au gold bars.
    ready for sale price 26thousand united state dollars only origin Ghana and genuine AU.
    SELLER EMAIL OR cash and carry only plus 200kilo only for fob Accra Ghana BUYERS AND BUYERS MANDATE SHOULD NOT HESITATE TO LINK IN NOW.

  99. juncads says:

    Wanted Highest Bidders for
    Java gold bars 24k / 99.9 purity @ 12.5 kilos
    You may contact me with your best price


  100. MIKE says:

    I am looking to buy Gold coins. contact me at 09218080447 meetup SM North edsa, Trinoma Mall or Waltermart Munoz area.

  101. Carmen says:

    I have 10,000 japanese bills 1958,and 1,000 kls of old silver where i can sell my items?…heres my # 09124776622….i’m here in sultan kudarat area

  102. wyns says:

    we are smallminers we produce 24k gold. the problem is where can we sell it with the best price. specifically in davao city..

  103. wyns says:

    contact me.. 09263999100

  104. marc says:

    magkano per kilo ng gold? dko pa know kung ilang karat xa eh..

  105. edel buban says:

    hi. a friend based in benin west africa contacted me to sell gold here in the phils.send me email if you like more info or text me at 0916 3907682.

  106. Prince John Appiah says:

    Dear Sir/Ma,

    We are a Local gold Miners in republic of Ghana,we have 250kgs of gold
    dust for sales and also we have gold bars for sale. We are looking for
    reliable buyers who will do long time business relationship with us and
    to help us mine and get more production.

    The sellers accept FOB cash. And the product is being sold on first
    come, first serve basis.

    Pls if you are not the direct buyer, kindly link me up with your buyer
    while you stand for your commission.

    Below are the offers:
    Commodity : Gold dust (AU)
    Origin : GHANA
    Quantity : 250KGS
    Quality : 23 carat +
    Purity : 99.68 %
    Price :$35.500 per each kg.
    We have Rough Diamond in stock.123 to 9 Carat with reasonable price.

    If you wish you may come down to Ghana for purchase..

    For further information please kindly contact


    Skype ID:appiah.john1

    We await your responds for clarifications.
    Thank you and God bless you
    Your faithful,

    Prince John Appiah
    Gold Buyers Needed and Invest on gold business

  107. pjoy says:

    Hi… I am selling silver bars from UAE. It’s 500 grams… please let me know if you are interested… Thanks 09277167765

  108. James Cornick says:

    I want to sell some of my 999.99% pure silver coins minted from Australia. I purchased them several years ago but need to sell just 20 ounces. Do you buy at current spot price. If so are you interested in these 20 ozs.? If not can you point me in the direction of someone that might be interested in buying them. I would even sell 40 ozs. but only need to sell 20 ozs. Thank u for taking the time to read my request. My contact number is 09064694124 and I live in Pasig PH.

  109. Rowell says:

    im rowell fr.nueva ecija, ngayon nakatira sa metro manila naghahanap ako ng ginto we buy gold i can sure you safe,, +639273108897,(02) 5008391

  110. nhel says:

    Hi im looking for any gold plated electronic scrap from jewelry cotact me at 09204329815

  111. mike says:

    looking to buy 1 oz silver coins at current spot price. 09218080447 quezon city area.

  112. Dirk says:

    Hi everyone. I am an Australian living in Olongapo. I have 2, 10 ounce NTR. 999 bars for sale.
    Please email me an offer and I will get back to you.

    Genuine offers only please

  113. Joel says:

    Hi Everyone, I’m Joel. I want to buy gold, I’m from Cagayan de Oro, please email me about your offer.


  114. Rowell says:

    i have gold, silver, diamond, platinum, we buy any kinds of metals Cel# +639273108897, Landline 02-5008391

  115. alshaine centi says:

    i have asilver half dollars coins iwant 2 sell it hus interested 09359396490

  116. Jerome Salen says:

    Hi Guys . if u need Gold in Philippines.. Contact me 09477011935 or 516-0133.

  117. Bas Alim says:

    Im buy gold 24k price lowest on 2000pisos no lemit pls contak me.09203316422 im or met ups puerto palawan thks

  118. Bas Alim says:

    Hi sir mam im buy gold 24k budget lowest 2tausand pisos pls contak me.09203316422 im here in puerto prencessa palawan call me or tx plz

  119. Jerome says:

    We are selling Gold every week like 2kilos.. anyone would like to buy? contact me 09477011935

  120. archie lao says:

    joel.. wats ur number, im frm cdo also

  121. dv says:

    where do jewelers buy silver bullions? looking to buy some for personal use.

  122. mike says:

    I am looking to buy any Philippine, Spanish or American Gold coins Quezon city area meetups. contact me at 09496948686

  123. mike says:

    I am looking to buy any Philippine, Spanish or American Gold coins. Please send actual pictures of your coins at Meetups will be at Trinoma Mall or SM North Edsa. contact me at 09496948686

  124. nii says:

    We are real sellers we produce 300 grams a day on only one shift working, we seek real partners so we can deliver weekly or gold to them for long term we give or investors 5%discount on or gold.
    email s on or
    we have this week 700 grams to sell
    thank you

  125. mike says:

    I purchase any gold coins at current price of Gold. Send actual pictures of your gold coins at or click this link

    Contact me at 09496948686

    Quezon City area here.

  126. kian yar says:

    I have platinum bars and looking for serious buyers. For further details, Pls. contact me on this number (09266383416). Thanks!

  127. bert says:

    looking for a buyer of silver.i want to sell every month w/1000grms please contact me.

  128. bert says:


  129. Vincent Cheng says:

    Dear Sir/ Madam,

    How are you? We are the Seller in Hong Kong sell off market AU 9995(22k) or 99995(24). All TRANSACTION PROCESSES & PROCEDURES at Hong Kong only for more information please give me a call at +852 81911428 or email

    Best Regards
    Vincent Cheng

  130. kor says:

    hey,guys im from davao,im looking for 24k gold bar buyer….how much do u pay per gram or per kilo? i want the highiest price…contact me 09396451791

  131. kor says:

    i want a serious buyer of 24k gold bar…we can produce 5 kilo a week…contact me 09396451791….

  132. John kenneth says:

    hi!! i do have some CHRISTOFLE flatwares i dont know either its silver or just silver plated. but im sure this flatware’s has high value.. i see this on this website if ur interested this is my contact number 09394762012

  133. Roel says:

    hi anybody wants to buy my bullion of silver, we can produce 10Kilograms of silver per month. please contact me at 0917-595-6791 or 0922-826-4679

  134. justhy says:

    Hi, I want to sell my gold bars. Interested buyers can contact @ 09361751186. Thanks

    • Benz says:

      I’m looking gold bar owner & safe buyer.. anybody interested to buy it please send your offer at 09287508629 / 09157228629..thanks Benz Gayas

  135. justhy jade bones says:

    hi. I want to sell my gold bars. Interested buyers can contact me @09361751186. I only accept legal transactions. Thank you.

  136. ericsimon says:

    Its really hard to trust somebody when selling your precious gold.I have a question to have a successful transaction and can you share your stories.looking for real gold buyer in the future.thank you very much.

  137. Carlos Espino says:

    I have .999 Gold, 1.986 Troy Ounces, QC, anybody interested to buy it please send your offer at 09209253621. Thanks-Charly

  138. Benz says:

    I’m looking gold bar owner & safe buyer.. anybody interested to buy it please send your offer at 09287508629 / 09157228629..thanks Benz Gayas

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